Mobile Classroom Solutions- Jennifer M. Palmer

Mobile Classroom Solutions, Incorporated 2023 Terms of Service Agreement

A. Fees: Private one-on-one tutoring rates (in person, online) are determined by the tutor and the
needs of the student. Following initial consultation and assessment, a recommended plan will be
provided to parents, based upon students needs and goals. Sessions are offered in three lengths of
time: 30-minute (1 subject), 60-minute (1-2 subjects per session) and 90-minute sessions (2-3
subjects). Sessions can take place weekly, bi-weekly, or tri-weekly. Students with special needs
(behavioral, speech, social-emotional) may require special programming. Services can be
provided to the client’s choice of location for an additional fee per session.
Please Note: Additional fees apply for weekends (Saturday) and for extended drives. Session and
travel group rates of 2 or more students are discounted. Specific questions related to pricing
information can be found on the Mobile Classroom Solutions, Incorporated, Price List. Rates are
tentative and Mobile Classroom Solutions, Incorporated reserves the right to change the rate,
within reason, and to notify clients within a week’s time of any changes. Mobile Classroom
Solutions, Inc. will always do our best to maintain the lowest cost to our customers while
providing students with an unforgettable experience.
Tutoring rates are calculated by considering the following:
a. Supplies: This includes printing, access to websites, and additional texts that may be needed
for enrichment; paper, pencils, markers and boards, lamination, treasure box prizes, and cleaning
supplies. Each student is provided with their own tutoring kit, in order to prevent sharing of
supplies. Students are supplied with prepaid digital accounts on, flocabulary,
Reading A to Z, Epic! books, and Prodigy math.
b. Planning: Preparation for sessions is built into the monthly rate. This includes session
reservations, limited lesson planning, assessment selection, email communication, and
sanitization, per CDC guidelines, as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Extensive lesson
planning and collaborating with parents and teacher that take place OUTSIDE of the tutoring
session should be scheduled under the separate service of lesson planning & consultation.
c. Education Level and Experience of your Tutor: Jennifer Palmer has served as a tutor and
therapist to children since 2005. Prior to working with children in the public school system and as
a private tutor, Miss Palmer worked with children as a teacher assistant and graduate student
fellowship at Southern University Carbondale. Miss Palmer currently holds a Bachelor of Science
in the field of Psychology from Bradley University in Peoria, IL. She holds 60 + hours of
graduate coursework in the field of Behavior Analysis from Southern Illinois University
Carbondale. She is a professionally certified teacher in the areas of Elementary Education,
Exceptional Student Service, and in 2020, completed the requirements for a Reading
Endorsement, per the State of Florida. Currently, the starting hourly rate for a Certified
Teacher in the State of Florida is approximately $33.00 per hour.

d. Quality of Service: You can expect that Mobile Classroom Solutions, Inc. will provide each
student with an individualized experience that encompasses confidence building, interactive
lessons, positive behavioral strategies, and differentiated lessons to best meet the need of each
learner. It is our passion to ensure that you child receives a high-quality education, regardless of
their exceptionality. Sessions will be followed by a short consult and session notes. If at any time
you have questions or concerns, Miss Palmer can be reached during business hours to provide
additional assistance and limited consultation. Consultation of tasks requiring more than 15
minutes need to be scheduled by appointment.

Homeschool Education
How to get started: Families who wish for their student to participate in our Homeschool Pod
this year for an intensive, interactive educational experience should email directly for the homeschool registration packet.
School begins August 29th, 2022 at The Mobile Classroom!
Homeschool Portfolio Evaluation: Must be performed by a certified teacher to ensure that
homeschool students can properly advance to the next grade level. This portfolio may be used in
the place of state testing.
Lesson Planning & Consultation
Initial Consultation: ALL parents are provided with a limited consultation, based on assessment
results, grades, and direct observation. This information will be used to develop an
individualized tutoring plan, and to recommend additional services, as needed.
Advocacy Educational Consulting: Provides assistance with planning of homeschool
curriculum, determining if the student may be eligible for IEP services, vocational, social,
behavioral skills. Blocks are scheduled in 30 min increments. Assessment included.
Behavioral Consulting: Provides assistance with behavior that might interfere with desired
educational outcomes. If necessary, collaboration with a Certified Behavior Analyst can be
provided for an additional fee or with certain insurance providers.

III. Individualized Educational Plan, Educational Plans, and Advocacy

IEP Advocacy: Reviews the IEP and determines assesses the goals, recordkeeping, assessment
data, accommodations, testing, and associated services to ensure optimal educational outcomes.
Blocks are scheduled in 30-minute increments. Great for parents who would like to understand
more about the IEP document and process, but have an existing IEP.

IEP Development: Ensures from start to finish that your child has the I.E.P. needed for them to
be most successful this school year. Great for parents who would like to understand more about
the IEP document and process and are just getting started.
V. Professional Writing & Editing
Professional writing and editing of documents such as resumes, college/ employment
applications, essay writing, research papers, and grant writing.
You will receive an e-mail containing an invoice for the month ahead. Monies should be paid in
cash, via Cash App ($blessed4589), Venmo (Jennifer-palmer-158), Zelle
(, Step Up for Students Scholarship Program
(proof of award must be provided) or a money order. Payment can be made in advance, but is
due NO later than the start of the session. No personal checks please. If an invoice has not yet
been issued, you are still responsible for payment at the start of the scheduled session (see page 2
of invoice). Late payments are $25.00 and will be assessed after the start of the session. Please be
prepared to make payment at the START of the session to avoid fee. If payment cannot be
rendered at the time of session, a late fee will automatically be assessed.
Terms of the Scholarship: Mobile Classroom Solutions is a provider for the Reading
Scholarship and the Family Empowerment Scholarship. Families posessing a scholarship under
these programs may be eligible for direct payment to your account with MCS. Please see for details. Have questions? We can help you complete the
Use of the Step Up For Students Program is a privilege that allows families to pay for services at
minimal out of pocket expenses to the families. Families are expected to monitor and manage
their scholarship accounts to ensure that the proper funding is available. In the event that
scholarship funds have been exhausted, you are responsible for the balance before services are
rendered. In the event that funds are denied, you will be assessed late fees.
Upon receipt of an invoice, parents are expected to approve or deny payment within three
calendar days of request. This ensures a least timely processing time, as parent approval is only
the first step of the multi-step verification of the reimbursement process. Timely approval of
payment is essential to continued use of the scholarship privilege. Late approvals by parents are
subject to late fees of $25 and up, which could result in services being placed on hold. Violation
of the terms of the scholarship could result in dismissal from our programs. Please see the


Late Payment: Payment is due at the START of each session. Payment can be provided in
advance. Late payments are subject to a $25 plus $5 per day. Late payments will be assessed
after the start of the session. To avoid late fees, please make payment at the START of the

Terminating Services:
Contracts agreements are necessary 3 times per year; first, for summer, next, for fall, and again,
Services can be canceled at any time with a 30 day notice, but contract agreements apply to
attendance policies. Clients are expected to commit to a weekly time or provide notice in
advance so that sessions can be properly rescheduled, For each contract agreement period, you
will need to sign up and choose your scheduled time. If you decide to end services at the end of a
contract period, you do not need to provide notice.
In the event that you would like to terminate services during a contract period, please provide us
with a 30-day notice of your intention to do so. All new clients are given a 10-day period to
determine if they agree to the terms of the contract. In addition, services are provided on a
monthly basis. You are responsible for the full month’s payment. However, clients that
terminate during a contract period forfeit the right to partake in future services and are
responsible for the full month’s payment. We encourage all clients to complete their agreements
in order to get the best results for the students, and to satisfy all obligations with MCS
If the client decides to cancel the session, MCS must be provided with proper advance notice, in
writing (email, text, letter) as defined below:
A. Excused Absence: Canceling a session due to family or medical circumstances, as
documented, and the other party is provided with a 24-hour notice. You are still responsible
for the amount due on your invoice unless approved in advance. Each family is permitted up
to two (2) absences per contract period. You are responsible for payment of sessions
outside your two excused permitted absences in order to remain in good standing. If
you choose to reschedule after 3 times, you be assessed a convenience fee of $20.00.
B. Emergency absence: Constitutes canceling a session due to a personal or family emergency,
within 2 hours of appointment, limited to one session per contract period. You will be
waived session fees for one emergency or excused session. Examples of circumstances that
may require such an absence include: hospitalization, death in the family, life-threatening
illness or injury, or recovery from an accident or surgery. More than 1 emergency
cancellation by the client per contract period will result in a cancellation charge of
$30.00. More than three emergency cancellations will result in the termination of services.

C. No Call/ Unexcused absence: More than one (1) emergency session (2 hour-notice), or
failure to call or show at the start of a scheduled session without written notice. This does not
allow for the tutor to make arrangements and lesson planning has already taken place.
Therefore, please understand that you are still required to pay for no-call, no-show. More
than one no-call, no-show will result in dismissal from the program.
D. Tardiness: We will do our best to accommodate late arrivals, but in the event that we are
unable to, we will try to provide clients with the maximum possible time. You are still
responsible for the entire session if you are late to class.
E. Holidays/Summer: Mobile Classroom Solutions, Inc. will be closed during Polk County
School holidays. We will remain open during the summer, on Saturdays, and during Polk
County Schools Teacher work days/ Staff Development days. Monday or Friday sessions
should be rescheduled (and not cancelled) on weeks that school is closed due to a school
F. Best Practices: Parents are expected to bring their children to tutoring regularly and follow
the suggested plan, as outlined on the first page of this contract. Parents are expected to
ensure students attend tutoring sessions. Without regular attendance, students are not likely
to meet expected goals and gains. In addition, it is not recommended that struggling readers
take long breaks from instruction. Shorter, more frequent breaks are ideal. Summer
instruction can be done at home, by a parent, by using our websites, by purchasing a summer
work packet to maintain and review skills. With advance notice, sessions can be rescheduled.
G. COVID 19/ Quarantine: If an event has occurred that requires a student to quarantine,
sessions are available on Google Meet or Zoom in order to provide continued instruction, to
prevent regression or missing assignments, as long as health permits. Please refer to the
Mobile Classroom Solutions, Inc. Coronavirus Procedures in a separate document.
H. REFUNDS: Refunds will not be issued. Great efforts will be made to reschedule, but clients
are still responsible for all cancelled sessions, with respect to the attendance agreement. In
addition, if you are unable to reschedule within the week, you will still be billed for all future
sessions. Options for rescheduling include attending on the weekend, attending virtually, or
attending two sessions in one week.